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The Coronavirus Exposes the Illusion that ‘Democracy’ is

THE OMNICRAT – In almost every country around the world where ‘lockdowns’ have been put in place in response to the coronavirus outbreak, they speak of ‘democracy’. They speak of the public being in control of their government and lands. Yet, in every case the lockdowns were implemented in an undemocratic way.

Governments saw a chance to solidify their power so they didn’t bother for a second to consult the people about which measures could be implemented to cope with the outbreak. All the while all these governments had ample time to do so, since the outbreak started in October-November of 2019.

By doing so, all these governments have exposed the true nature of ‘democracy’. They have provided all the evidence that we need to know that democracy is an illusion. People power through democracy is an illusion. Self-determination through democracy is an illusion.

All these people their basic and natural rights have been violated, as their constitution was hijacked by those in control of the centralized governments.

There is literally nothing democratic about how these governments are handling the situation. They have proven once and for all that ‘democracy’ is nothing more than oppression.

Whether it concerns socialist governments, communist governments, liberal governments, democratic governments or republican governments, each and every single one of them have exposed the truth by their own actions.


It’s not a coincidence that The Omnicrat was launched in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Omnicrat is a response to these governments their actions and their disrespect for the laws of the lands that they were supposed to protect.

In an omnicratic society we would have been better prepared, better organized and more efficient with our responses. The future will attest to that because from now on omnicracy is going to spread like wildfire. People’s minds have been sparked and many are ready now for the change that has been promised too many times in the past.

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