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Transitioning Towards Omnicracy

If There’s No Clear Data There Can Be No Clear Laws and Rules

THE OMNICRAT – Omnicracy is not about everyone owning an equal share of everything. That is socialism, which eventually leads to the government owning everything, which leads to communism like in China, for instance.

The principle of omnicracy is that national governments (if they would still exist at all in their current form) can’t force regions and communities to adopt and follow national laws. That is why omnicracy will provide a greater variety of communities, cities, regions etc.

These regions or communities work together to the extent that they want. This enables them to deal with common problems while staying autonomous, and even sovereign, communities.

Unless a government has consulted everyone and has incorporated the different points of view/demands, it can not implement laws or rules. This is crucial in many ways.

For instance, Belgium is part of the EU – it’s the very heart of it – but not everyone in Belgium wants that to be so. Today, all Belgians are forced to be part of the EU, there’s no real mechanism that enables local communities to distance themselves from or leave the corrupt EU construction. That must change.

When it comes to transitioning towards an omnicracy, local councils – common governance forums – must be organized where people of a community decide what the community values and expectations are. This will be different for many communities. That is how it should be. Diversity largely takes away outside forces/interests their ability to consolidate power.

Perhaps Capitini’s approach was the best. It started with local councils and ‘leaders’ having to explain what resources are available in a community and how these resources are used or preserved.

From thereon, people come forward with their own grievances and solutions.

With true omnicracy you can’t have the same situation that we have now whereby a majority rules over everyone.

With omnicracy, in situations like we have today, with the lockdowns, you can’t have a central government dictating any measures it invents based on flawed data and deceptions. If there’s no clear data there can be no clear laws and rules. That’s very simple.

So, it’s up to the local communities to decide how much of the laws that they will adopt. Laws ‘suggested’ by a common governance forum/agora. Not laws ‘imposed’ by a central government.

Today, central governments impose their will based on fake science and fake data. That by itself proves the illusion that democracy is.

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