About The Omnicrat

In the 21st century omnicracy is pioneered by The Omnicrat, the information and news portal for all omnicrats around the world.

Obsolete political, social and economic paradigms are smashed at The Omnicrat, and we replace them with paradigms that actually make sense and that preserve individual liberties and self-determination.

The Omnicrat was created by Koen Jacobs, who also is The Omnicrat’s Lead Editor.


The Omnicratic Revolution

The Omnicrat encourages independent omnicratic initiatives and movements on the local and national levels, around the world. The Omnicrat promotes and supports synchronized actions and activism in matters that affect people locally and/or worldwide.

The Omnicrat seeks to revive the true nature of ‘politics’, whereby local communities once again take greater responsibility in return for more authoritative self-governance.

The Omnicrat promotes and supports initiatives that foster peaceful coexistence and, thus, greater understanding between different cultures.


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