Preservation of the Self

Everyone has the right to preserve and fully experience their personal existence and, thus, has the right to protect their identity.

One’s identity is not limited to one’s name, gender and appearance. One’s identity also includes how someone participates in society, be it locally or beyond. Therefore, preserving one’s identity also includes preserving one’s morality, one’s political, economic and spiritual views and beliefs. As long as others are not limited in their own experience of their personal existence.

Preservation of Culture

Expanding on the preservation of the self is the right to preserve culture. Communities have the right to continue to experience and express their values and traditions, as long as they allow other cultures to enjoy the same right.

The main purpose of the preservation of culture is to ensure that life on this planet remains as diverse and as rich as possible.


Today, an omnicracy can be regarded as a more advanced, a more just and a more efficient form of direct democracy. An omnicracy enables a greater direct participation by citizens in local, national and international governance.

Where in a democracy the majority effectively rules over also the remaining minorities – or rather imposes policy on the community or nation – through the majority’s elected representatives, an omnicracy, on the other hand, enables local communities to adopt alternative policies and governance.

The Omnicrat promotes and subscribes to this form of governance because it enables local communities, regardless of size, as well as individual citizens to directly and effectively influence governance on every level.

Concretely, it is the best alternative for centralized governance and for contemporary “democracy”.

Omnicratic Globalization

The continuation of globalization is inevitable. The internet is, after all, the central tool here that enables populations to further explore the world far beyond their own local cultures.

Individuals and populations themselves indicate, especially through their internet activities, that their interest in and support for other cultures continues to grow, to the point where local traditions are adopted by people halfway around the world and protests in far away lands spark uprisings on the other side of the planet.

It’s omnicratic globalization in one of its purest and most powerful forms. It’s the kind of globalization that the Omnicrat not only promotes but also seeks to further expand and cultivate.

The other form of globalization, that is increasingly being rejected, is the so-called democratic globalization (or global democratization) whereby “democracy”, or the promise thereof, merely serves as the carrot on a stick.


The truth is the centerpiece of a society. Without it we are lost and a society, in the long term, is ineffective.

As long as wanting to find out the truth is making institutions, organizations and companies uncomfortable we must continue our search for it.

Public Media

The public (news) media their primary objective is to inform the public in such a way that the truth is always revealed. The truth can not remain unrevealed.

It is the public media their duty to report about the various opinions that exist in a community, even when such opinions are not aligned with those held by the government(s). Thus, public media must offer balanced reporting whereby all citizens have an equal chance to have their voices heard through the public media outlets.

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